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Website Terms of Use

Unless it is expressly indicated to the contrary, access to this website does not constitute or create a licence or any other right to use the intellectual property which appears on the website. By visiting and using the information on this website, you agree to the following and accept the following conditions and terms.


Unless otherwise indicated, the copyright in material contained on this website is owned by Toner World and / or by the various manufacturers whose trade marks are shown for descriptive purposes. All material on this website is subject to copyright under Australian law and through international treaties in other countries.

The material contained on this website may not be copied, reproduced, transmitted, adapted, published, stored or redistributed by any means or for any purpose unless expressly permitted by Toner World or as permitted by law.

If you seek to use the material contained on this website, it is your responsibility to obtain express permission for such use where necessary.

Trade marks

The website includes registered and unregistered trade marks which are owned by various manufacturers and Toner World. Use of these trade marks without express permission will infringe the intellectual property rights of the manufacturers and Toner World.

Stock Availability

Stock availability shown on the website is subject to change and will vary constantly. As the majority of stock is held in our supplier's warehouses, we are provided with a daily feed in some cases of the current national stock levels. This may mean that stock is not available at a given time in a given warehouse for a particular state however where possible we do request that the warehouses attempt to fill the order from another warehouse or we seek alternate warehouses which hold the stock and are closer to your location. For warehouses which do not provide us with a daily feed, we do attempt to keep the stock levels maintained however these may be inaccurate from time to time.

Generic Compatible Brand Substitution

Toner World reserves the right to substitute generic compatible brands without notice in effort to maintain reliability, quality and fast delivery to the customer. This could be due to stock supply issues, warranty issues with a particular product, maintaining a consistency in the products ordered (due to some variations in pricing, some customers will order different generic compatible brands of cartridges which are to be used in the same printer or where they are used in different printers, it may cause significant delays and increased delivery costs by supplying different brands) or simply substituting a brand in an effort to ensure a product is delivered as quickly as possible (a warehouse of one brand may send a cartridge by road freight whilst another warehouse will send a similar quality brand via air freight for the same delivery cost - the difference could be as much as 5-7 days delay depending on the location of the warehouse in relation to the customer's delivery address).

Where a customer has had significant issues with a particular generic compatible brand, we will opt to send an alternative brand in future and also automatically substitute any other orders for other customers which may receive stock from the same batch of generic compatible cartridges for that brand without notice.

If a customer has a history of ordering a particular generic compatible brand, we will attempt to always send the same brand to them for all future orders unless there is a known issue. Customers may request no substitution by placing a comment during the order process. If a substitution is required and no substitution is requested, we will then contact the customer to discuss the options for moving forward with the order.

Terms of Ordering

The placement of an order within the Toner World website and associated ordering systems constitutes an agreement by you to accept any invoice deemed necessary to obtain payment for the goods and services ordered. Toner World reserves the right to with hold delivery of all products and services for which payment has not been received until such time payment is made and accepted by Toner World. In the event that Toner World agrees to deliver goods and services without prior payment, you agree to the additional terms and conditions under which the goods and services are being provided without prior payment (refer to the Additional Terms and Conditions for Account Credit Customers).

The placement of false orders for the purposes of discovering the processes and material (including but not limited to web pages, emails, payment gateways) shown to legitimate customers with no intention of completing the purchase of the selected goods and services or with the intention of cancelling the order without making payment or prior to the order being delivered will not be tolerated and will result in attempts by Toner World to block further activity from your IP address on this website and server as well as taking further action including but not limited to reporting the behaviour to your Internet provider, the revelant authorities, seeking legal action and payment for the order placed.

Additional Terms and Conditions for Account Credit Customers

In the event that Toner World approves a customer for account credit, the following terms and conditions apply.

  1. Account balances must be paid by the due date. The due date is based on the credit terms applied to the account. A statement showing the due dates of each invoice will be issued at 9:30am each Monday for accounts on 7 day and 14 day terms and on the 1st day of each month for accounts on 7 days past end of month regardless of whether that day is a public holiday or non-working day. In the event that the due date for an invoice falls on a weekend, public holiday or non-bank processing day, payment shall be due on the first banking day after the due date. Any late payment fees due as a result of this delay shall be waived and the associated invoice for the late payment fee will be cancelled.
  2. Payment for outstanding balances maybe paid by way of bank transfer either at the bank or via the Internet, by Credit/Debit card (we accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Diners Club), cheque (please allow sufficient time for cheque to arrive and be processed by the bank) or money order. Other payment methods such as PayPal are available however these will incur an additional fee due to merchant charges imposed on Toner World.
  3. Should an account exceed the applied credit limit or the outstanding balances are not paid by the due date, Toner World reserves the right to withhold goods and services from delivery until the account has received payment to reduce the credit limit to an acceptable level or the full outstanding balance is paid.
  4. In the event of unpaid outstanding balances and the customer returns any goods linked to the outstanding balance, Toner World reserves the right to withhold processing of the returned item(s) until payment for the full outstanding balances is received.
  5. Invoices which remain unpaid more than 7 days after the due date shall incur a $10.00 late payment fee and a separate invoice will be generated for this fee. Late payment fees shall be shown on the weekly or monthly account statement. These fees maybe reduced and / or removed at Toner World's sole discretion.
  6. In the event that a customer continually fails to provide payment on time, Toner World reserves the right to remove the account credit status and all outstanding balances shall be due immediately and subject to further debit collection action and fees. Any outstanding balances which exceed 30 days beyond the due date shall be subject to debit collection action and associated fees deemed reasonable to recover the outstanding balance and costs incurred with the recovery.


An order maybe cancelled at any time and a full refund provided subject to the following conditions:

  1. The order has not already been marked as shipped and we can confirm that it has not left the warehouse. In the event that it has left the warehouse, the customer will be liable for the cost of freight incurred which shall be deducted from the refund value except where the courier has failed to deliver in a reasonable time frame in accordance with the freight service booked (i.e. an Overnight freight service should result in next business day delivery in major regional areas and capital cities).
  2. The order has not been confirmed as delivered or attempted to be delivered by the courier service. Attempted delivery is when the courier indicates they have left advice for the customer regarding the delivery attempt and no one was available to accept the delivery and provide a signature. Confirmed delivery is when the courier is either given instructions to leave the order unattended at the delivery location as per the customer request or the courier was able to obtain a signature from an authorised person at the delivery location.
  3. Stock is not available to fulfil the order as advertised. Orders placed for stock that needs to be ordered in may also be cancelled. A partial refund can also be given if only part of the order is available for shipping with the unavailable part of the order being refunded. Shipping costs will still apply and where a partial shipment is provided, the adjusted order value must still qualify for free shipping to avoid shipping costs being added.
  4. Order duplications will be checked and the duplicate order cancelled where appropriate with any refund due usually processed immediately if possible.

Refunds will be processed by the same method they are paid (i.e. PayPal payments are refunded via PayPal, credit card payments will be refunded to the credit card used for payment, etc).

Additional Delivery Charges

In the event that an attempt to deliver your order is unsuccessful due to the courier being unable to obtain a signature and no permission or instructions have been provided for the order to be left unattended at its destination, Toner World reserves the right to forward any additional delivery charges as incurred by Toner World (we will not add any additional fees to the additonal delivery charges) on to you as the customer. In most cases, the courier will attempt redelivery or provide a contact card to allow the customer to receive their delivery at no extra charge however repeat attempts by couriers to carry out the delivery will incur an additional charge. In some rare circumstances, the order will be returned to the warehouse when deliver is deemed unsuccessful after an extended period of time and the order will need to be resent.

Promotions, Specials and Manufacturer-based Offers

  1. All promotions and specials offered by Toner World directly are subject to the terms and conditions shown on those offers and maybe withdrawn at any time without further notice.
  2. Where there is limited stock for a set promotion or special, the displayed price or offer is only available whilst stock is available for immediate delivery and any backorders will result in the offer being withdrawn. In these circumstances, Toner World will contact you to advise of the situation and what remedies are available.
  3. All manufacturer-based offers are subject solely to the terms and conditions offered by the manufacturer and Toner World shall not be responsible for any changes to the offers, terms and conditions or other changes made by the manufacturer. Toner World will where possible attempt to provide all necessary information to allow the customer to obtain the offer from the manufacturer with the exception of modifying invoices and records, creating false statements and contacting the manufacturer directly on behalf of the customer.


As part of attempting to provide the highest level of customer service possible, Toner World has implemented a complaints handling policy. This policy by no means reduces and removes any rights the customer may have under the Australian Fair Trading laws or Queensland Fair Trading laws.

  1. Any invoice discrepancies including invoice amounts, GST charges, handling fees, delivery charges and product descriptions should be brought to the attention of Toner World within 48 hours of the invoice being issued and received by the customer.
  2. Any issues with the products and services supplied including issues related to the delivery of the products and services should be brought to the attention of Toner World within 24 hours of receipt of the goods and services to allow Toner World to take any necessary action for prompt resolution. Such issues include but are not limited to, shortage of or incorrect products delivered, damaged products, products not matching invoiced item descriptions, poor handling by the courier, refusal by the courier to carry out delivery as per instructions, inappropriate behaviour of the courier such as the use of unacceptable language or acts not deemed acceptabe for a professional operator. Please note that with regards to incorrect products being delivered, we can only accept returns where the product is unopened and in original condition. If you are uncertain if you have the correct product, please contact us for further assistance.
  3. Website errors resulting in unexplained errors, duplicate charging of credit / debit cards, misleading pricing and misleading information should be brought to the attention of Toner World immediately.
  4. Faulty Products which are discovered more than 7 days after delivery should be brought to the attention of Toner World as soon as possible.

Resolution of Complaints

Toner World will attempt to resolve all complaints as quickly as possible and with minimal inconvenience to the customer. Such resolutions may include but are not limited to, crediting of your credit / debit card or bank account, cancelling and reissuing new orders and invoices, arranging immediate delivery of products and services not supplied as invoiced, lodging complaints with courier companies and warehouses where necessary and issuing discount coupons for future orders.

All complaints should be directed by email or in writing to Toner World (refer to contact us page for contact information). Once the complaint has been lodged, we will take immediate action to commence resolving the complaint.

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